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41% of women prefer this over actual sex?

Shortly before his death in 1899, an infamous doctor wrote down the secret technique HE USED to give women more than 2 million orgasms.

==> You can see it here…


Did you know that almost half of women actually prefer solo sex to doing the deed with a real live man?

In fact according to some studies, 92 percent of women masturbate regularly (these other 8% are lying)

In some ways this really makes sense…

She can focus on herself during those intimate moments of self-pleasure.

She doesn’t have to deal with a man’s awkward performance (and soothe his baby ego)

And she’s almost guaranteed to orgasm every time.

Who can argue with that?

Female self-pleasure is all good. It’s healthy. And a great way to relieve stress without a partner.

But it has its limitations too.

For example?

A woman can’t give herself a g-spot orgasm. Unless she can contort her arms and fingers in ways I wouldn’t mention here.

And she can’t use the infamous Butterfly Technique… on herself.

Because she simply can’t get the right angles to finish herself off powerfully.

She needs YOU to do that for HER.

The Butterfly Technique isn’t much more complicated than a simple flick of your wrist, but to a woman, it will feel like you’re playing an incredible rock guitar solo on her warm pussy…

And before long, you’ll get her going from a little bit moist to damp to tsunami-levels of soaked within just a few quick moments…

If you ever wanted to add a little more ‘ooomph’ in between the sheets…

This is going to enrich your sex life more than anything else that you’ve ever been exposed to:

==> How to give women insanely powerful orgasms (in just seconds)

Seize the day,

Joe Slade

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